Apex Remembers

It has been 14 years since the attack on American civilians at the world trade centers, military personnel at the Pentagon and the attempted attack on America’s highest elected official, the President of United States of America. For most Americans, the wound from this horrific deed runs deep, and will be etched into our minds and hearts forever. […]

Setting the New and Used Equipment Standard

Skilled and Experienced It takes a team of highly skilled and experience people with an eye for detail and a passion for making it like their own, to make sure a ready to work truck is delivered. Whether your selling new or used roll off trucks, the same attention to detail has to be adhered […]

Dumpsters For Sale! 10 Locations In The United States!

Solutions for Purchasing Dumpsters and Containers When you need commercial grade waste industry dumpsters or bodies, Apex Equipment is, most assuredly, your one-stop-shop, and the only solution that makes real sense for businesses looking to grow and expand their operations, or simply replace worn equipment. Our continued growth in the waste equipment industry allows Apex […]

Multiple Career Opportunities Available

Apex Equipment, America’s fastest growing waste industry truck and equipment manufacturer and dealer is accepting resumes for the following positions: Experienced Commercial Truck Shop Manager: If you are honest, self-motivated, hard-working, detail oriented and can multi-task; if you have a desire to grow and help others grow, and your hands can work a computer keyboard […]

Roll Off Trucks For Sale

Each roll off truck goes through a 210 point inspection repair process, followed by an independent Federal DOT inspection, most roll off trucks are offered with a 2 year/200k mile drive-train warranty. Our knowledgeable, courteous staff will guide you through the process of getting the right roll off truck for your requirements. When America is […]