Setting the New and Used Equipment Standard

Skilled and Experienced

It takes a team of highly skilled and experience people with an eye for detail and a passion for making it like their own, to make sure a ready to work truck is delivered. Whether your selling new or used roll off trucks, the same attention to detail has to be adhered to, at all times. When dealing with new trucks and roll off equipment, there’s always the possibility of air leaks, electrical issues, hydraulic, oil, or other fluid leaks, and yes, even the occasional engine or transmission issue. At Apex, our inspection technicians are trained to look for these details, in both new and used equipment, and notify the general manager and the repair staff of their findings.
The Apex repair staff is broken into six departments: Light Mechanical, Heavy Mechanical, Fabrication, Hydraulic, Inspection, Detail, Paint and Parts.

First the inspection department will follow a detailed routine while performing up to a 210 point investigation into each truck or piece of equipment, depending on the equipment. This includes, to list a few, the primary and secondary electrical systems, the primary and secondary air systems, the hydraulic systems, the powertrain components, the frame, and suspension system (i.e. travel pads, shocks, springs, trunnions, bushings). They will pay close attention to the peripheral systems, such as roll off hoists, hooklift hoist, grapple booms or front loaders. Smaller items like battery cables, clamps, belts and hoses are also under scrutiny during this phase of the operation. The cab will also be probed to check seats, seat belts, vents, flooring, windows, door handles, mirrors and other important items, and marked for repair. If the repair is minor, it can usually be corrected by the inspection department.
Light Mechanical
Apex light mechanical technicians are second to none in the industry, and will re-inspect the issues sent to them in order to verify the accuracy of the findings and determine if there is any other problems underlying. Light mechanical specializes in electrical troubleshooting, identifying problems in the fuel system, air systems, vacuum problems, braking issues and more. During this process, the equipment undergoes a second inspection around the area of repair. For example, if a technician is repairing or replacing a wiring harness, he will inspect the components around that area, and if he finds anything missed by the inspection department, he will repair it if possible, or add it to the repair order.

Heavy Mechanical
Apex heavy mechanical techs are among the best in the country, and are highly experienced in all phases of mechanical repair. When a truck arrives at their department, they know it has a problem with the engine, transmission, rear end, or some other major component, and they have the expertise to deal with it. Because of the quality of equipment Apex starts out with, these problems are usually not catastrophic to the function of the machine. However, if there is a problem of significance, the Apex heavy mechanical department can handle it, from an engine rebuild or replacement to a transmission overhaul or trunnion replacement. And as with every other department, the heavy mechanical technicians will also inspect the areas around their work for any other defects that may have been missed by the other departments.

The hydraulic department is experienced in all phases of hydraulic troubleshooting, repair and replacement. This gives them the ability to rebuild, reseal or replace any hydraulic component on the equipment, in order to bring the unit back to a fully function state. In addition these technicians are trained in light and heavy mechanical procedures, which gives them the ability to inspect and mark other mechanical issues they may find during the hydraulic repair process.

Apex fabrication technicians are a breed all their own, who can bring the life back to, and reinforce failing parts like roll off hoists, grapple units and major body components, such as dump bodies, rear fenders, frames and more. They are extremely skilled engineers and technicians who are able to create and modify any piece of equipment and make it fit any application thrown their way, including building grapple trucks and roll off trucks from the ground up, from new or used equipment, and make it work ready when you need it.

The Apex detail staff are an exceptional group of individuals, who pay close attention to the markers sent to them by the inspection department, but also have their own inspection process as they go about their tasks. They will be inspecting every inch of a truck for interior flaws, such as broken window cranks, cracked or defaced instrument cluster, missing knobs and buttons, cab light covers, over-worn or torn seats and upholstery, dash and many other interior components. They are committed to giving Apex customers the best environmental experience possible in a truck.

Almost every used piece of equipment that goes through the Apex process makes its way through our paint facility. If it is a truck, it will have the exterior cab painted, the frame and sub frame, as well as any hoist or other peripheral equipment that may be attached. The Apex Equipment paint department is always ready to give a truck the color of the buyer’s choice to match any company fleet.

All of this makes the Apex Equipment team is one of the most specialized teams in the waste and forestry equipment industry.