Demand For Apex Waste And Forestry Equipment High!

The number of trucks U.S. owned Apex Equipment sells and delivers, has grown exponentially over the last 4 years. Apex has doubled their mechanical and fabricating technicians during this time, in order to meet the demand for the high quality trucks turned out at their West Palm Beach, Florida facility. An Apex spokesperson says, “We believe this to be a direct result of the workmanship that goes into each truck from beginning to end of the Apex process”. Apex Equipment also has an impeccable reputation for support during and after the sale.

refurbished volvo roll off trucks
Malone Roofing picks up a Volvo roll off truck from Apex Equipment.

Olivia Malone, with E. Cornell Malone corporation, a roofing company with locations in Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida had this to say about their relationship with Apex Equipment, “We chose Apex for several reasons; location, quality of equipment, and strong communication from the sales department”, and also said, “Pat made sure he listened to our needs before making suggestions. He took our price budget and our concerns, and combed the inventory.” and she said, “I was most impressed with the fact that Apex made sure the equipment was kept in their possession to iron out detail work, so we didn’t inherit a defective machine.”

Like any enterprise, Apex Equipment has endured difficulties and bumps in the road along the way, but still maintains the integrity that has catapulted them to success in the waste and forestry industry, truck and equipment markets. The idea that everyone should be able to get a piece of equipment that just gets the job done when you need it to, and looks good, whether it’s new or used, is still one of the foundational principles of their operation, according to sources at Apex. Apex Equipment understands and believes in the working people, and the companies they run and work for. For this reason, Apex determined, to not only give them the best new or used truck possible, but as fast as humanly possible, depending on the amount of effort that it takes to complete the unit, and make it work ready.

Bill Marvel from Takoma Tree Experts said, “The fast knowledgeable and thorough responses I received, both by email and phone, to many of my questions, made me realize I was dealing with a highly professional and trustworthy company.” He also added, “Apex customer service is second to none, after taking delivery of the truck from Apex, we realized the bank had made an error, and the title was sent to the wrong department. Meanwhile our temporary tag had expired, and despite not being responsible for the banks oversight, Apex sent another temp tag overnight, at no charge.” He noted, “The follow up emails a couple days later, to make sure our driver was on his way safely to Maryland, and providing us with another tag demonstrates the willingness of Apex to follow up after the sale, a winning formula for retaining customers.”

refurbished garbage trucks
Apex Equipment Sales High Quality Garbage Trucks!

The level of service Apex Equipment provides for their customers, and potential customers alike, is refreshing in these modern times of fast paced, quick-handled business transactions, where you hardly know what happened until you wake up three days later with nothing but remorse over the deal you were supposedly getting. Apex owners say, “Our goal from the start, was to do what no one else does… we fix more than the customer can see with the naked eye, so they don’t have to be concerned with how their equipment will perform when it leaves Apex.” Additionally they say, “Our expert team of technicians and their vast wealth of knowledge gives us the ability to troubleshoot problems in route, if the customer has an issue 6 months or even a year down the road, to help prevent other companies, who may not be quite so honest, from taking advantage of them in a time of misfortune. We stand with our customers.”

This is what three Apex team members had to say about their Apex experience.

Dan says, “We stay very busy, and as a mechanic, that’s what I like. Apex gives me the opportunity to do this. And we do our very best, every day, to produce a quality product… all of us.”

Jeremy says, “I originally came to Apex Equipment looking at grapple trucks, and was very impressed by the quality of trucks this company was putting out. Later when I was offered an opportunity to work for Apex, the decision was easy.” He also said, “I have found with Apex, there is no compromise where repairs are concerned, which means my skills and efforts are never undermined, or swept under the rug.” Finally he says, “I feel that Apex is a company I can infuse my set of skills into, and make it even better for customers who are looking for the right options for their business.”

Kyle stated, “Apex certainly follows the mission statement they put forth.” He also said, “They strive to make their used trucks the best money can buy… they sell good trucks that are many times better than that of the competition.” He went on to say, “They do what it takes to satisfy the customer.”

Since their inception, Apex has continued to advance in customer service commitment and satisfaction, and has the sales, and client and affiliate relationships to prove it. Apex has fostered an atmosphere where employees can learn and succeed themselves, and use their knowledge to better enable Apex customers to drive their own businesses to success, by producing the highest quality refurbished equipment in the waste and forestry industry. Apex has aligned themselves with other industry leaders, in order to drive down the cost associated with repairing a used piece of equipment, thereby giving their customers more affordable choices for the quality of product they are choosing. Apex Equipment continues to offer the only power-train warranty that covers trucks from 2002 and up. In addition, they offer their “Rapid Response” roadside help hot-line, in the event a truck ever does go down while on the road.