New Roll Off Dump Style Containers For Sale

roll off dump container
Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone comes up with something new. Ok, maybe it’s not new, but it is fresh, especially when it comes from the Apex team. For those times when you only have roll off trucks available, and you need a dump body, because the material you are handling makes opening a conventional roll off container door not an option… Apex gives you the roll off slash dump container.

Some loads are just to dangerous to swing open the side hinged door of a typical roll off container. With any roll off box, depending on how it’s loaded, (especially if machine loaded), and the type of cargo it will carry, the weight of the load can be distributed across the entire face of the door. When the door latch is released the material presses outward, most of the time from the top of the load down, prematurely spilling, before the body is raised. This creates a scenario where the operator can potentially be hit by falling debris, especially if you have any tumbling, and has to cross the exiting material to finish opening the door and secure it to the side of the can before completing the dumping process. Afterwards, the operator must manually close it again, by swinging it around the entire width of the rear of the truck, before securing it and driving away.

The Apex roll off dump container solves that problem by hinging the door at the top rather than the sides, like a standard dump body. When it is time to empty the contents of the roll off box, the operator simply has to unscrew the screw latch, and release the lever latch. Because the door is hinged at the top, the load will be forced to despense from the bottom, depending on the type of material your are handling. The load wedges itself against the top, resulting in less spillage, and the driver can now return to the cab and raise the hoist. When the hoist is raised, sufficient weight is applied against the door, by the force of gravity, which causes the door to give at the bottom, forcing the load downward as it is expelled from the can. Once the the load is has been dumped, the door will close itself as the hoist is lowered, leaving only the need to latch the door. The beauty is, it’s still a roll container. If you find your self in need of a typical container for construction and residential use, you can off load the box and pick up a side hinged container quickly, and be back in business.

If it says Apex, It’s ready to work!